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Sacred Pregnancy Journey

Embrace every aspect of your sacred pregnancy.

Congratulations mama, you are on a sacred journey of transformation from woman to motherhood, - and it's a powerful one.

Whether you are a first time mama or welcoming another baby into your family.

The Sacred Pregnancy Journey is a path  that invites you to fully step into the transformation.

This is a journey where you dive deep into the sacred transformation that is taking place.

It's about nurturing yourself and your energy. It's about opening up to receive. It's about your bond with your baby.

It's about you and your birth as a mother.

Sacred Pregnancy is a journey of
soul growth and discovery of your
full maternal power.

A circle created with the intention to connect with the sacred aspects of pregnancy and birth, honouring the path of the sacred passage into motherhood.

The Sacred Pregnancy Journey

Step 2
Opening to receive

  • Why pregnancy calls us to open
  • Creating energetic protection
  • Ancestral wisdom  an guides
  • Expectations & Intentions
  • Relationships and romantic partnerships

Step 3
Walking your path

  • Claiming your path
  • Body image & loving your vagina
  • Pregnancy dream meanings
  • Feeling safe
  • Releasing fears
  • Connecting with your baby in womb

Step 4
The birth of a mother

  • Virtual mother blessing
  • Prepare energetically for birth
  • The rite of passage
  • Sacred postpartum  care
  • Sealing the birth journey & energetic closure

Step 1
Inner radiance

  • Your sacred pregnancy
  • Creating sacred space
  • Goddess archetypes in your pregnancy
  • Cultivating inner radiance with sacred practices (body oiling,  dance, self-reiki)
  • Food and nourishment
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Weekly Gatherings

Week 1 - Sacred Space & Connections and Expectations

Theme 1: Sacred Space on October 5th, we will explore creating a personal sacred space at home, living life the beauty way, creating a daily meditation practice during your pregnancy and the benefits of journaling during this sacred time.

Theme 2: Connections and Expectations on October 7th, we will explore our connections to ourselves, our sisterhood, and our babies. We will connect on our pregnancy experiences and discuss the roots of our pregnancy expectations.

Week 2 - Food and Body Image & Fears

Theme 3: Food and Body Image on October 12th, we will connect with our personal relationship with food, food memories we hold from our youth, and discuss mindful eating practices that can be incorporated during pregnancy and as mothers. We will begin to honour our changing bodies as it expands to bring forth life.

Theme 4: Fears on October 14th, we will be holding space for one another to release fears related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We will be giving ourself the space to identify fears, and begin to release them back into the universe rather than holding them in our bodies. We will have a special guest, to support us thorough this topic and conversation.

Week 3 - Forgiveness & Honouring

Theme 5: Forgiveness on October 19th, we will find the strength to review past hurts, allowing space in our hearts, body and mind to open up in preparation for welcoming baby. We will release old wounds and call back our innate power.

Theme 6: Honouring on October 21st, we will connect with our desires for physical and emotional nesting in preparation for the welcoming of baby. We will be showering the mother and baby equally in sacred blessings.

Week 4 - Rite of Passage & Sisterhood

Theme 7: Rite of Passage on October 26th,  we will be discussing the theme of stepping into motherhood as a rite of passage and crossing the threshold from maiden to mother. We'll be connecting with our desires for care as a new mama and sealing the birth experience in transition for postpartum care.

Theme 8: Sisterhood on October 28th, we will spend on last day together in circle in reflection of the experiences we have shared together and moving forward. We will close with a salt bowl sisterhood activity.

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This journey is for pregnant women who want to:

  • Discover the sacred aspects of pregnancy and strengthen their bond with their baby
  • Uncover a deeper meaning to their pregnancy journey
  • Discover holistic therapies and wellness practices for pregnancy
  • Incorporate meditation and self-care practices into their pregnancy journey
  • Explore pregnancy topics not covered in books or discussions with healthcare providers.
  • Feel empowered in their transition to motherhood

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The important details

- The sacred pregnancy journey is 100% online and self paced - you can complete it on your own time.

- You will have access to the journey materials for 1 full year to support your sacred pregnancy and postpartum journey.

- The topics covered in Sacred Pregnancy are different the things you you'd be talking about with your midwives or doctors or really anything you would read in the 'what to expect when your are expecting' books. In the sacred pregnancy journey we go right into the soul and the transformation and soul growth that pregnancy and motherhood bring you.

- I offer a 2-day complimentary guarantee. I believe you will LOVE the sacred pregnancy journey, but if for whatever reason it is not what you were looking for at this time, let me know and I will gift you a full refund. 


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