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21 day journey with chamomile

Discover the nurturing powers of chamomile.

A 21 day journey for mothers looking to reconnect with their self-care and learn the art of mothering their self from a physical, emotional and spiritual place.

We work with the chamomile flower in the form of daily teas as an anchor to mother ourselves through the exploration of our connection with ourselves, the mothers that existed before us and the mother we are to our children.

It's a journey where you will tap into your intuition and tap in to your inner herbalist through drinking camomile tea for 21 days while exploring your connection to motherhood and self-care.


The Sacred Pregnancy Journey is about immersing yourself in the profound transformation that is transitioning into motherhood, to connect with the sacred aspects of pregnancy and birth, allowing you to feel connected to your baby and empowered at each step of the journey.

The topics covered extend well beyond the types of discussions we have with our midwives, doctors, doulas and family members as we dive into the realm of the huge transformation that is going from maiden to mother; or from mother of one to two, or even three to four.

It's a journey of empowerment and discovery, allowing you to embrace the new identify of mother.  Throughout this program you will embark on a transformative path, guided to create a harmonious relationship with yourself, your ancestors and your baby.

This journey will enrich your experience of motherhood in profound ways.

Dance through the transition

Pregnancy is a time of profound change.

Most modern discussions around pregnancy are focused on the physical aspects of this change (gaining the weight, baby growth, labour approaching).

But there is so much more happening than just your growing belly and your growing baby!

Your emotions are shifting, your priorities refocusing and it feels just like your whole identity is being redefined.

This journey explores the sacred passage from womanhood to motherhood.

It invites you to tap into the deepeness that just isn't explored elsewhere, yet we can feel happening within us. It gives us the words to explain our shifts and the space to honour and step into this new identity.

A circle created with the intention to connect with the sacred aspects of pregnancy and birth, honouring the path of the sacred passage into motherhood.


Creating sacred space


  • Creating a sanctuary for you and baby
  • Living life the beauty way
  • Pregnancy Rituals
  • Balancing your energy and space during pregnancy
  • The energy of plants and how they can support yours and babies wellbeing
  • Blessings for protection and harmony


Bonding with baby


  • Creating a sanctuary for you and baby
  • Living life the beauty way
  • Pregnancy Rituals
  • Balancing your energy and space during pregnancy
  • The energy of plants and how they can support yours and babies wellbeing
  • Blessings for protection and harmony

21 day journey with chamomile
for mothering, the mother.

Week 1
Mothering your energetic body

  • This week focuses on understanding the energetic essence of chamomile
  • Mythology, stories, and ancient practices for connecting with the chamomiles subtle energy.
  • Chamomile's role as a matriarch plant and how deeply it connects with the role of mothers
  • Chamomile visualization to connect with chamomiles energy and call it in to support your mothering of self.
  • Energy healing practices that promote relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a motherly retreat

Week 2
Mothering the emotional body

  • This week focuses on the mind-body connection and using chamomile to address emotional well-being.
  • Using a chakana (a South American tool) to identify emotional roots of symptoms, offering a holistic approach to your personal wellness.
  • The energy / mind ./ physical body relationship and how to care for your wholesome self.
  • The role of chamomile to support in the mental and emotional challenges associated with motherhood, helping to heal emotional wounds associated with mothering.
  • Mothering the mother:

Week 1
Nourishing your Energy

  • Discover chamomile's mythology and cultural role in motherhood.
  • Chamomile tea meditation
  • Chamomile's energy and role in matriarchal traditions
  • Mama Benefits: Enhance self-nurturing and inner peace through chamomile's energy.
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Weekly Gatherings

Week 1 - Sacred Space & Connections and Expectations

Theme 1: Sacred Space on October 5th, we will explore creating a personal sacred space at home, living life the beauty way, creating a daily meditation practice during your pregnancy and the benefits of journaling during this sacred time.

Theme 2: Connections and Expectations on October 7th, we will explore our connections to ourselves, our sisterhood, and our babies. We will connect on our pregnancy experiences and discuss the roots of our pregnancy expectations.

Week 2 - Food and Body Image & Fears

Theme 3: Food and Body Image on October 12th, we will connect with our personal relationship with food, food memories we hold from our youth, and discuss mindful eating practices that can be incorporated during pregnancy and as mothers. We will begin to honour our changing bodies as it expands to bring forth life.

Theme 4: Fears on October 14th, we will be holding space for one another to release fears related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood. We will be giving ourself the space to identify fears, and begin to release them back into the universe rather than holding them in our bodies. We will have a special guest, to support us thorough this topic and conversation.

Week 3 - Forgiveness & Honouring

Theme 5: Forgiveness on October 19th, we will find the strength to review past hurts, allowing space in our hearts, body and mind to open up in preparation for welcoming baby. We will release old wounds and call back our innate power.

Theme 6: Honouring on October 21st, we will connect with our desires for physical and emotional nesting in preparation for the welcoming of baby. We will be showering the mother and baby equally in sacred blessings.

Week 4 - Rite of Passage & Sisterhood

Theme 7: Rite of Passage on October 26th,  we will be discussing the theme of stepping into motherhood as a rite of passage and crossing the threshold from maiden to mother. We'll be connecting with our desires for care as a new mama and sealing the birth experience in transition for postpartum care.

Theme 8: Sisterhood on October 28th, we will spend on last day together in circle in reflection of the experiences we have shared together and moving forward. We will close with a salt bowl sisterhood activity.

Who is the 21 day journey with chamomile for?

  • Mamas to be who wish to explore the sacred aspects of pregnancy and strengthen their bond with their growing baby.
  • Pregnant mamas who have a feeling there is a deeper meaning to their pregnancy and looking for a place to explore the deep transformation that is taking place in their lives.
  • Mamas to be who wish to learn about holistic therapies and practices and want a tailored guide to incorporate wellness practices during their pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy mamas looking to integrate meditation and self-care practices into their pregnancy and motherhood journeys, beginners and experienced mamas will all find value in these practices.
  • Mamas looking for an exploration of pregnancy topics that just aren't explored elsewhere like in pregnancy books or even in conversation with their gynaecologists, midwives and doulas.

Important details

The 21 day journey  is 100% online and self paced - you can complete it wherever you are and on your own time.

2 days guarantee - if you start the program and it's not what you are looking for let me know.

You will have access to the journey materials for 1 full year to support your self-care and wellness journey.